Hunters for the Hungry

TWF's Hunters for the Hungry program is a unique and creative way to provide healthy, much-needed protein to Tennessee's citizens in need. We provide funding to 79 participating wild game processors in 63 Tennessee counties who in turn receive donated venison during whitetail deer season, process the meat free or at a reduced rate, and make it available to local food banks and soup kitchens.

  • One pound of organic, nutrient-rich venison equals four meals.
  • Since beginning in 1998, HFTH has provided nearly 4 million meals.
  • The program has set donation records each of the past five years.
  • Don't need the meat? Donate it to feed your hungry neighbors!
  • One child in four in the state of Tennessee is food insecure.  You can make a difference.  Act now.

    Students drive Memphis' HFTH "Hunger Challenge."

    Watch Hunters for the Hungry on "Tennessee's Wildside."

    News & Social

    • Students adopt Hunters for the Hungry "Hunger Challenge"

      by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Dec 04, 2014
      Some 48 juniors and seniors at Hutchison School in Memphis are creating a buzz in Memphis this fall and winter with their Hunters for their Hungry (HFTH) Club, part of TWF’s “Hunger Challenge” developed last year by Board Chair Dr. Jack Gayden...
      Full story
    • HFTH honors Memphis students

      by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Apr 17, 2014
      TWF Chairman of the Board Dr. Jack Gayden and Hunters for the Hungry (HFTH) Manager Matt Simcox visited Memphis University School (MUS) and Hutchison School, also in Memphis, April 14-15 to present “Top Gun” awards to students who excelled in raising funds for hunger relief through HFTH during the 2013/2014 deer season.
      Full story
    • Hunters for the Hungry: A million-pound milestone

      by Tennessee WIldlife Federation | Apr 09, 2014
      TWF's Hunters for the Hungry program crossed an eye-opening milestone this deer season — more than a million pounds of venison have been collected and distributed to soup kitchens and food banks across the state.
      Full story
    • Unaka High School becomes Hunters for the Hungry processor

      by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Dec 08, 2013
      At Unaka High School in Elizabethton, Tenn., students in a meat-processing class have established their own Department of Agriculture-certified Hunters for the Hungry deer processing location...
      Full story
    • TWF Establishes the “Dan and Cherie Hammond Sharing the Harvest Award”

      by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Oct 18, 2013
      Over the course of more than a decade, one middle Tennessee family has supported Tennessee’s Hunters for the Hungry on an unprecedented level. Now, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) is honoring Dan and Cherie Hammond of Brentwood by renaming the Hunters for the Hungry Processor of the Year Award for them...
      Full story
    • 2012-13 another record season

      by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Oct 09, 2013
      Tennessee Wildlife Federation Program Will Provide a Half a Million Meals in 2013. Food banks and soup kitchens across the state continue to cite increasing need and decreasing donations. The lean, healthy, safe protein provided by the state’s Hunters for the Hungry program is often the only meat available. Thankfully, officials from the Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) say that hunters continue to be willing to help address hunger, in spite of the recession...
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    • A letter from our board chair

      by Dr. Jack Gayden | Sep 18, 2013
      Thank you for visiting our website. If you’re here, I’ll bet you share with me a passion for our great out-of-doors. We Tennesseans are blessed. We live in a state that boasts an incredible diversity of topography, water systems, and wildlife. Our state is home to more than 300 species of fish, 80 species of mammals, 130 species of reptiles and amphibians, and more than 340 types of birds...
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    Program Contact

    Matt Simcox, Coordinator, HFTH

    Office: 615-353-1133
    Mobile: 931-252-4132


    Find a HFTH
    Processor in your area

    Click the link below.

    How You Can Help

    • Donate Now

      Your financial gift to Hunters for the Hungry goes toward paying for the processing of venison.  That's how we make this thing work!  

    • Donate Extra Meat

      Whether you donate five deer, one deer, or even one pound of venison, every little bit helps.  Click on our list of processors listed above to locate the one nearest you.

    • Meat Processors

      Hunters for the Hungry can't operate without processors who are willing to help.  If you are a processor who would like to get involved, call program coordinator Matt Simcox at the numbers above.

    • Volunteer

      There are multiple ways to get involved.  You can donate $1 or more when purchasing your hunting license; donate a whole deer at any of our processors; donate a pack of venison when your deer is processed; make on online gift; or simply tell a friend about Hunters for the Hungry!

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