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  • Free Hunters for the Hungry deer processing now available!

    by Tennessee Wildlife Federation | Nov 21, 2014
    As of Friday, Nov. 21, some 30 wild game processors across Tennessee are accepting Hunters for the Hungry deer donations free of charge.
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  • Fish under fire — Federal plan threatens to abandon mitigation hatchery funding

    by Jay Sheridan | Oct 30, 2014
    Wading a mountain stream in East Tennessee, a lazy river in the mid-state or a backwater to the west, it’s easy to think that these waterways are the same as they’ve been for centuries. But that’s rarely the case. Through the early 20th century, Tennesseans relied on a primitive system of levees and private dams to control water in their communities, the tiny towns and growing cities that represented clusters of population amongst millions of acres of native land. A lot has changed since then...
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  • Opening the books on environmental litigation for the good of conservation

    by Lowell Baier | Sep 16, 2014
    This is the time of year when most of us find out what’s been going on lately with fish and wildlife and their habitats. We have done some fishing and will soon begin hunting. This is when we run into “them”. “They” have closed a road we like. “They” have left the forest unmanaged, driving the deer out on to crop fields. “They” have cut the fish hatchery program...
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